Everything is Here


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released August 24, 2014

Music & Lyrics by Liron Meshulam (Flora)

Musical Production:
Tracks 1,3 Produced by Beno Hendler
Tracks 2,4 Produced by Beno Hendler & Flora
Tracks 5,6 Produced by Flora

Tracks 1-4 by Beno Hendler and Flora
Track 5 by Flora
Track 6 by Flora & Hod Moshonov

Keyboards ,Electronics and Vocals :Flora
Bass & Electronics: Beno Hendler (track 1-4)
Drums: Ran Jacobovitz (track 1,5)
Electric Guitar: Or Avni (track 1)
Electric Guitar: Noam Helfer (track 5)
Additional Keyboards: Hod Moshonov (track 6)
Backing Vocals: Kfir Sarid (track 1)
Backing Vocals: Daniela Spector (track 6)
Mixer sounds: Noam Dorembus (track 1)
Additional background sounds: Rea Mochiach (track 2)
Additional electronics : Rani Dar (track 6)

Track 1,2,4 mixed by Beno Hendler
Track 3 mixed by Dan Zeitune
Track 5 mixed by Noam Helfer
Track 6 mixed by Rani Dar

Recorded at Kitcha Studios by Beno Handler
And Flora’s Home studio

Mastered at Golden Mastering by JJ Golden

Art and Design by Gabriella Barouch
Photography by David pearl
Logo Design by Eran Hilleli
Make up artist : Natalie Arnautoff
Photo with boat: Goni Riskin

Management: Charles chu for Revival Agency

Slik Records



all rights reserved


FLORA Israel

Facebbok :

Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/theostrich

Photo by Zohar Ralt

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Track Name: Everything is Here

Stay after midnight
Don't tell nobody
Sit down and play now
Don't say your sorry

Everything I want
Everything is here
On my way home I see light's on
On my way home walking faster
Track Name: Broken

I didn't want them to see
That my thoughts are slowly melting
I didn't want them to see
That my shield is slightly cracking
That i am not so sure
That my two legs are still two
And i am not so sure
That my two hearts are still one
And that they haven't split in my chest throwing parties
When i'm in my dreams
When i'm in my dreams
They are still broken

I didn't want them to know
That my skin is dry on my little toe
I didn't want them to know
What it is i have inside
That i am not so sure
That i know where my pressure points are
And i'm not so sure
That my dreams are really dreams
When i go there i try to control them
But it's too much work
So i give up
It's broken
Track Name: Fight

If you wanna fight lets fight
I'll let you win a thousand times
your right
I don't have to i want to
Track Name: Two Sides

If you don't want to be here
I won't make you stay
If you don't think your willing
I won't stop you

I thought were on the same side
The river is long

I know that i heart you
I thought i was helping
I always get you wrong

I thought were on the same side
The river is long
Track Name: It's a lie

There's always someone telling us it's wrong
And there is always someone who knows what you're looking for
There's always something missing and it's hard to explain
And there's always something running in our mind

And it's a lie
It's a lie

What are you doing
And when will it be ready
What is this mess is it really necessary
Why aren't you happy
And why aren't you proud
Why aren't you more like

And it's a lie
It's a lie
Track Name: This is Happening

This is happening
We are happening
You go and you go and you go and you go
And you go back you go back you go back
And this is happening