Flora - Happy Today


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Debut album from singer songwriter Liron Meshulam (Flora). A mixture of colours and sounds. Combination of Live ,Electronic production and Studio work.


released December 9, 2010

Produced by Liron Meshulam and Kfir Sarid

Elad Kinar- Double bass
Gadi Peter- Drums
Michael Ben Shimon- Electric Guitar
Liron Meshulam- Vocals, Piano, Classic Guitar, Electric Guitar on Plastic Bag, Xylophone, Casio and Electronic production
-Electric Guitar on "Time" & "Look" by Guy Gelem-

Mixed by Ronen Hajaj
Recorded at Kitcha studios and Liron's home studio
Recording engineer and editing: Marko Gurkan
Mastered at Golden Mastering by JJ Golden

Photos by Alon Segal
Photos of the band by Omri Barel
Designed by Timor Davara



all rights reserved


FLORA Israel

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Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/theostrich

Photo by Zohar Ralt

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Track Name: Time
Thank you
for the
time you
gave me

I wish you could see this
I wish you could be here
I wonder where are you
I wonder what are you

He doesn’t want to leave
He wants to stay here
I wish I could tell you
I wish I could tell you
Track Name: As If
As if I have spare pain to give you
I can't read between your lines
The book is closed and the door is shut
But I thought I could see beyond the eye hole
But I guess I'm not that strong
Not that strong
Not that strong

Turn on the light
I can't see who I'm staring at
Power break blew a fuse in my mind
But I thought you could see me
In a different way
But I guess you're not that smart
Not that smart
Not that smart

This need I thought I lost it
This need I thought it is gone
Turn on the light
Cannot see who I'm staring at
Turn on the light

Do what you want
You're not really the issue
I need to fill a void in my heart
But I thought you could fill it up somehow
But I guess I was wrong
I was wrong
I was wrong
Track Name: Nonsense
This is
My heart
I wish
It will
Stop this
This nonsense
I wish you
To call me
Call me now

I saw a movie
With a crazy girl
I don't want
Her craziness
To impact my health
I am here
I'm in my room
All alone
Track Name: Fish
There are fish in my dream falling from the sky
I awake to hear a baby cry
There's a tree in my bed I'm glued to myself
Fruits in my head eating themselves

I hear a train go by, I really want to stay
On my magic broom I'll fly away
Juggling my dreams kicking my thoughts
I wish on my heart please never stop

Big and scary roller coaster
I like to throw up at the side of the road
Every thought that is misleading
How should I know what is right for me

There are fish in my dream
Little fishes in my
Track Name: Happy Today
Through these sad eyes
I can see my reflection
As it appears to me from the bowl of the toilet
I feel like flushing it down
I feel like flushing it down

Through these sad eyes
I can see the pain in me
The need of having you around
But you are not around
No you’re not around

In this sad day everybody’s looking so sad
And the TV and the radio play along
Trying to take me down
And it's almost a crime to be happy today

Through these sad eyes
I try to see love I try to see hope
I believe in my foolish, foolish ways
I’ve got to be happy today
I’ve got to be happy today
I’ve got to be happy today
Track Name: Desk
There is a way that I'm going
Not sure even what it is
The wind on my way
I really really wanted
Just to say

Hi hi
Hi hi hi
Hi hi
Hi hi hi

Gonna like what's going on
Gonna find your hiding place
Gonna, where have, this lie
Gonna find you
I really really wanted
Just to say

Hi hi
Hi hi hi
Hi hi
Hi hi hi
Track Name: Plastic Bag
Maybe I should wear
a big brown plastic bag
on my head

So I won't see your eyes looking
what are they looking at
Get off of me

All you men harassing girls
I hope you get sick and die

Cause I don’t want to
I don't want to wear
a big brown plastic bag on my head
Track Name: Look
I can't control my imagination
I keep seeing things I don't want to see
As my eyes shut
My fears come alive
Everyone goes
Everyone dies

Someone to let me know that I will be ok
Nothing is what it seems and I just try to stay ahead
It feels like I'm at war and I keep losing to myself
My fears are not stronger
I hope

I try to believe that things don't just happen
I am not sure when but I will find my place
Every little step makes me stronger
Every reached hand helps me be brave

To hold my head high in front of a mirror
And won't feel the need to apologize
For what I am what I believe in
The flower that is me
Won't die
Track Name: Stay
I wonder
Is this what
you meant that
will happen
I didn't
expect this
Your weakness
is showing

I wish that
my heart will
stop this fight
Stop this war
Don't want to
feel for you
No more hate
No more love

The ending
came too late
I forgot
It's not safe
I wish you'd stay